29 thoughts on “1% HP GAMING | MAGE & DRAGON BUILD (SingSing Dota Auto Chess)

  1. I had a game similar to this too today. I was at 1% when there still were 7 players in. Then out of nowhere I started winning rounds. I ran Lina too Lich and Razor instead of Puck, no dragons though but a lone druid and all the big CCs: Tide Medusa Kunka, after the first wave of ults the board was cleared 😀 I got a lucky +150dmg Sword on my razor wich helped too.

  2. CM's ability should be "Hero's start with 25/50/75 mana at the start of the round" otherwise she will always be useless. This gives her way more late-game viability since it almost guarantees an ult from your legendary heros. I don't feel like it's overpowered and dragons are still somewhat useful with CM since they give 100 mana to only dragons. Or it could be "Hero's gain 5/10/15 mana with every attack" since this gives more overall benefit. She's so weak she needs a buff like this… plus mages still need a buff anyway since they fall off HARD.

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