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In this Dota 2 meta guide, pro coach Speeed covers 10 weird, whacky and strangely powerful duo lane hero combos you MUST TRY with a friend to stomp your enemies in ranked! Some just for fun, some to break the meta, work these laning combos into your gameplay and use their associated tips and tricks to destroy your enemies!
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Thumbnail art by Leritoz
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31 thoughts on “10 CRAZY DUO Hero Combos you MUST TRY – Pro Meta Tips and Tricks to CARRY Lane | Dota 2 Laning Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed covers his picks for some of the weirdest, most fun and POWERFUL hero combos you can try out with a friend in a duo lane!

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    0:51 Powerful solo picks

    2:55 Sand King – Zeus

    3:47 Io – Abaddon

    5:23 Dark Willow – Bloodseeker

    6:44 Tusk – Windranger

    8:06 Morphling – Earthshaker

    9:03 Oracle – Faceless Void

    10:05 Broodmother – Dazzle

    11:09 Tiny – Ogre Magi

    11:53 Viper – Underlord

    13:07 Dazzle – Terrorblade

  2. underlord -+ viper so fucking strong , i had to play with a viper 4 in my team and i said why not pick underlord 3 ? , we crushed lane and then the game with doble atos + utility items , very very strong ty for +25

  3. the best combo i learned about in dota 1 is naga and riki. naga nets, and riki smokes, 5 seconds of attack for free, rinse repeat.
    of course that was before force staff. things have changed…
    that was back when the 3v3 tournament was won using the global ulti strat, furion, spec, zues

  4. Clinkz and tusk is pretty broken tbh. Idk if y’all have ever tried that but you max strafe and tag team and you win the lane every time

  5. Shadow dramon agh+refresher+lvl25 talent (+500 demonic purge dammage).
    u basically get 6 charges for demonic purge wich now deals 900 dammage, slows enemies and neglects their passives, perfect against literally anyone, enchantress' passive is a pain on the ass, Blood Seeker too.. etc

  6. Having a lower hp pool doesn’t make dazzle’s heal more effective. It’s set amount of heal…unless you are coordinating items drop or tread switching before heals or something

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