This video covers my top 10 tips to get better at Auto Chess Mobile, this auto chess mobile guide will help you learn how to consistently place in the top 3 and climb ranks in auto chess! I really hope it helps my basic positioning guide can be found here:
dwonload on android here:
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49 thoughts on “10 SIMPLE TIPS to help you GET BETTER at AUTO CHESS | Auto Chess Mobile

  1. im going to 5-6 troops 1st,then make all of them 3 star(gold).after that i'll make 10 troops,and make them all 3 star (gold).

  2. Wait… so you've played 13 games and you think you are experienced enough to offer advice on the game. Dude, you're still in nappies yourself!

  3. These tips don't work. I was in top 3 almost every time before. And now I tried these techniques and lost 5 matches in a row. Not even top 4. The only guides that work are by Amaz. People, go and check his videos instead if you want to learn to play this game. After I saw this video I was always in top 3:

  4. Why do you say you are competing for warrior with every body. Do fewer warriors show up in your shop if other players buy warriors?

  5. What makes tipp #1 impossible for me is that the game seems to be kidding me


    It gives me a lot of beasts early game. So im starting to build beast/warrior. Then it shifts to give me hunters. So im starting to build some hunters and go for beast/hunters or warrior/hunters..ofc selling characters because i cant fit em all on the bank

    Then the game gives me, what i just sold. And if i buy it again, it gives me hunters again.

    Repeat this for literally every combo ever

  6. I once played a ranked game lvl 8 vs. lvl 10(finished 2nd aiming to win)… my synergy was full knights which was rock hard but lost to quantity? I guess… enemy had a bunch of lvl 2.. feathered/drag knight syn. .. Its like full on plate armored knights vs. a bunch of archers on a really high cliff… overall I was lvl 8 with an amount of 91 team cost but my enemy was lvl 10 with an amount of only 76… feelssbadmann… I thought knights were the strongest?!!

  7. Im at knight 1 now… So basically it now gets a little trickier… All i can say feathered and druids can all just suck it…

  8. Any cost effective way to refresh chess pieces. (Like under what probability would be the best to start refreshing for different classes?) Just start off with the game and even when I keeping winning, the gold remains low for promoting a 3 star

  9. I started playing about 2 weeks ago b4 watching your vid, gotta say, most of the tips I may have used without knowing and can agree are useful especially going into the game without a strategy in mind.

    Please join this Amino Community For Auto Chess Players! U can discuss strategies and find friends to play auto chess with you easily with this.😊

  11. Yeaah. Tried the " dont roll until lvl 8" yeah… No.. i think you got a very special style. But i think it only works for you. I still look forward to your game insight. Always useful to have another's point of reference

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