How to Sing. Who doesn’t want to have the voice of an angel, right? Believe it or not, we all have it in us. Whether you feel like you have the X factor and want to be on a stage or you just love singing, a couple of simple tips and techniques can significantly change your voice. You won’t need any expensive courses or lessons, and you won’t have to leave your house either.
Even your favorite singers didn’t have an exceptional range or a strong voice right away – they worked for it. You can make your voice more beautiful, too, if you practice some breathing and singing exercises.

Part One: Learning to breathe correctly 1:00
Part Two: Warming up 4:14
Part Three: Singing 7:10
How to learn from experts 8:04


-The first thing you should do is inhale and exhale, both for 8 counts. Try to take deep breaths from the depths of your stomach. This basic exercise will help you relax and prepare your lungs for singing practice.
-Start singing a certain note at a comfortable pitch, and then go for a crescendo (make the sound louder) or a decrescendo (make the sound quieter). Don’t sing too loudly because you can seriously hurt your voice. Finish your warm-up by practicing scales.
-Always remember that working on your vocals regularly is what makes you grow as a singer. Vocal coaches recommend practicing for one hour every day. You can do 20 minutes in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, and 20 in the evening.
-Make it a habit to double-check the person offering the resource, making the tutorial, or giving the online lessons. If you don’t mind investing in your singing, you can purchase an online singing course or take lessons from a professional.

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43 thoughts on “14 Simple Tips to Sing Better and Easier

  1. Part One: Learning to breathe correctly 1:00
    Part Two: Warming up 4:14
    Part Three: Singing 7:10
    How to learn from experts 8:04

  2. Tip from me: That feeling in your mouth when you yawn or snore, use that same feeling while singing anything

  3. My first singing performance was so embaracing i literally forgot the lyrics of how far ill go,so i stopped singing now i wanna sing again😇

  4. bright side : breathe correctly

    me who has visible concern: have i- wait am i still ali- HaV e I bEeN bReAtHiNg WrOnG👀

  5. Because of Kpop and BTS I want to be a singer…….

    Love BTS 💜💜💜💜💜
    Love army 💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Me: singing my own random made song
    Sounds like a rockstar
    Me singing in front of music teacher in online class
    Sounds like a rooster

  7. Practicing is 100% true. I’ve been working on my riffs and high notes and they’ve gotten SO much better. Of course I still sound off key sometimes but it totally works


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  9. me: [thinks my voice is awsome]"MOM tell the whole family that i will sing infront of them"
    my mom: ok
    my whole family: [ gathers in a room ]
    me: [sings]
    my whole family:[fainted]

  10. Bright side : Do you remember your first singing , how did it go….
    Me : Aah yes🤧🤧, the first time I sang loudly in my room and everyone came rushing thinking that I've fallen and was crying ( I was just trying go get the high note of a song )🤧🤧

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