23 thoughts on “1st Pick Invoker Turn On Mode TryHard by Miracle- EPICENTER Dota 2

  1. Miracle is the best, and have the best team, BUT if jerax in liquid (no gh) just imagine that. mmr is just a number, jerax must be in liquid pls god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Idk why u masturb on miracle? I watch already 10 game of him in a row and he get outplay mid in 7 🙂 but he have team who gank and help him, after he fail mid he going jungle and farm farm farm when liquid tape others give him space for farm and leting him kills with sunstrike like stun and dont touch hero, let miracle get kill. Nothing posible he do here, so much fail spels 50%spel he fail. 70% time he dont know CD of spels and he lose 3 sec cuz create spel without cd. In 90% game he going same items …. i saw so much better invokers and mid players. He is maybe one of best carry but mid? He need 1.2 hero for gank mid always cuz vs outfarm him esl. Sorry for bad english and fans of miracle i'm just realsitic he don't do nothing special belive me.

  3. og без миракла ноль как хорошо что он ушел от них и как результат -чемпион инта

  4. if he really pick at very first, why does ana pick SS? if i were him, i would pick huskar or razor. it is so OP in early than invoker

  5. miracle is a solid invoker, however not the best, but his team is the best in the world. Individually there are better invoker players for sure.

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