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Learn about the new buffs and huge changes in patch 7.23. This Dota 2 meta guide is everything you must know in patch 7.23 and the best heroes. Know everything about 2 broken heroes for every role that pro players are abusing in today’s meta!
Thumbnail art by: Marilyn Zhuang

source: https://dota-2.vn

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32 thoughts on “2 BROKEN HEROES for EVERY Role that PROs Are ABUSING – 7.23+ Meta Tips and Tricks – Dota 2 Guide

  1. BUCKLER is a broken item atm. Everyone should be buying BUCKLER, if you're not buying BUCKLER then buy BUCKLER. That's alot of BUCKLER in 2 sentences my man

  2. Speed I love in USA and I love this game to the bone. I have been playing it for one year now and I have gotten to learn a lot but I’m still not where I would like to be in me at all. How can I have private coaching from you. I’m already subscribed to the game leap website but I wanted to go even further with it. This might sound stupid but I wanna go pro 😂😂 dota for life 😂😂. So yeah just wanted to know how can I get in contact with you and start practicing with you

  3. I feel like Venge is still strong lol with good item build and lane start assuming… I won 5 games straight with it haha… and still the 6th game where i lost my venge was still very useful…hope they won't touch it anymore

  4. I've been on an 80% win rate with Ogre Magi during laning phase I just constantly order clarity, mango, and some tango's. I crush lanes and buff my laning partner and it's normally a fast win. I think you should definitely talk about how supports have infinite items for their lane and teammates they should be abusing to help the win. In the past we'd have to wait to mid game to really buy shit and so fourth.

  5. god, your intro is getting more annoying day by day. sounds like one of those teleshoping commercials that old people fall for

  6. So sad that Ranged heroes are coming back. But Drow no longer provides any bonuses to Ranged heroes and she's fucking shit right now too.

  7. Doom is basically Free Radiance. That's why he's good. Also, despite the cooldown nerf. Devour is still the 2nd best GPM skill in the game (1st one is Greevil's Greed) but unlike a fucking Alchemist that will always go for a Radiance first.

    Doom is incredibly versatile. He's dealing with a lot of physical damage? He will build a Crimson Guard and a Shiva's. He is against a lot of Magic Damage? He will build a Pipe and and a BKB. And the thing is that because of Devour he will get them at a good timing.

    Also the buff to Devour allows you actually eat a more decent jungle creep at level 1. Before you were locked to the Small Camp. But if RNG is kind with you you can get something decent from the Medium and Hard Camps. The Armor Troll was buffed. Meanings its actually a good Devour early on. There's also the other Creep that now gives +3 mana with his 0 cooldown spell. Meaning Doom can get infinite sustain for all his Scorched Earths.

    You still pick 1 level of his Infernal Blade because its percentage damage, but its all Scorched Earth after Devour.
    Also another item that are very strong right now are Drum, Vlads and Helm. Doom is probably the only hero that can potentially get all 3 items and not look retarded as each item will benefit him greatly.

    Also with Scorched Earth he's a great Naga counter. And if he gets Shiva's and AC (and he can get it very quickly with Devour.) No matter how much Naga procs riptide she will deal no damage to Doom.

    Also the heroes that generally counter him, are not really being picked right now. Ursa can counter Doom later in the game, but later in the game Doom also has the tool to make an Ursa useless. And like i said, he's so versatile he can fit a Heaven's Halberd into his build. He can build to counter the enemy. Its what makes him so good.
    Another hero that is very underrated right now is Underlord. His Root keeps getting more and more buffed.

  8. "buckler is good"
    dude, like that doesn't even make sense. a 2 armor aura is at max 10 armor total. It's decent for the price, but that's not so insane that I want to be buying it every game

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