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2017 BEST INVOKERS plays — Dota 2

Best of Dendi in 2017:
Best jukes of 2017:
Most WTF plays of 2017:
Best Fails 2017:
Miracle best plays of 2017:
Best Combos of 2017:
Best Turn-arounds of 2017:
Best Aegis snatches of 2017:
Best team of 2017:
Best Rampages of 2017:
Best Comebacks of 2017:
Best of Virtus Pro in 2017:


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  1. Gemali Darimbang

    "Abed moving in, with the AOE deafening blast, the cataclysm as well"

    "Oh, it hits them all!"

    "This time it's BIG!"

    "Oh, it hits again!"

    "It actually does something!"

    "It killed everybody!"

    "The only man in the world that can make cataclysm not look useless"

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