43 thoughts on “2017 BEST INVOKERS plays — Dota 2

  1. Where is w33ha invoker? The guy just dominated liquid when he was on secret. That game vs fnatic when he was on DC was pure class.

  2. "Abed moving in, with the AOE deafening blast, the cataclysm as well"

    "Oh, it hits them all!"

    "This time it's BIG!"

    "Oh, it hits again!"

    "It actually does something!"

    "It killed everybody!"

    "The only man in the world that can make cataclysm not look useless"

  3. I watched midone abed sccc's invoker gameplay after miracle's gameplay. And as i see miracle is next lvl invoker. Others aren't in miracle's level

  4. Am i the only one thinking that Sumiya is impostor and the real invo God is miracle. 😪 the skill on the video if sumiya and the sets. Just like miracle

  5. Machinimasound – Anomaly Detected
    MachinimaSound – Battle Of Kings
    MachinimaSound – Digital Fortress

    Composed by Per Kiilstofte

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