In this video I show you how to install Webman Mod And Fix the dreaded 8002a224 error permanently. This will video will have you signing into PSN on your Dex Ps3 without having to mess around with fixing that error every time your restart your console.
This video is part of a larger series of videos.
All these videos can be found in the following playlist!

Here are some links to the indivual Videos

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#2 Downgrading From 4.85 cfw to 3.55 / Upgrading to Rebug 4.84 Rex

#3 Converting Retail Ps3 to Developer Console / CEX to DEX (REX to D-REX)

#4 Fix Error 8002a224 Permanently With Webman!


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26 thoughts on “#4 Fix Error 8002a224 Permanently With Webman! – Ultimate CFW Series 4.85

  1. Thanks for this tut! Why do you briefly convert the console back to CEX before setting up WebMAN MOD? Could this be a fix for the empty Settings Menu in Webman? Please let me know your ideas!
    For all the consoles I have installed WebMAN MOD on, the Settings-menu is always empty, even on PS3HEN-consoles. I always use the browser (http://localhost) to work around it.

  2. I want to go back to OFW from DEX so I can use my main account without getting banned, I got console banned before and changed my psid using CCAPI, if I use this method will it be permanent and not change back to the psid which was banned if I go back to OFW

  3. Hey, i installed webman and once i donwloaded the program and installed it on my ps3 nothing shows up once i open it. Can you explain me why?
    Like when i click on webMAN setup it doesnt show annything.

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