43 thoughts on “659 DPS Level 3 Dragon Knight – Savjz Auto Chess

  1. You shouldn't have leveled the enchantress in the begin. Just keep them in bench in case you get a druid next round. You did get punished

  2. Wahhh,… I only have level 1's. immediately sells level 2 ogre magi then level 2 enchantress that could have been level 3.

  3. Your late game 10 piece positioning is trash holy shit. You only survived that long for the rng lvl 3 dk, you deserved to lose.

  4. This is the most boring and unfunny stale repetitive parody on game I ever seen in my life . I liked him playing hearthstone more . What the hell is wrong with people these days . Shitty games thrive . Mobas , battle Royales and now this crap . Jesus I hope this won’t become next big game genre and market will again be flooded with shit and genres worth attention will be overshadowed again . Fucking PvE Clash Royale on PC .

  5. i dont get the hype for alchemist. is he really that strong? warlock bonus can be done with better units like enigma i think. what are you opinions on alch? i dont like him

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