How do we deal with Evil? And for that matter, what is Evil?
Is it Evil when your family are bigoted around the dinner table? In an age where Conservatives and Leftists are at each other’s throats, we take a look at Freedom – the big battleground of our age – through the eyes of Simone De Beauvoir, and Evil through the eyes of Hannah Arendt.
Also, there’s some interesting stuff on changing the minds of bigots, and social identity theory – AND a delicious vegan Hot Chocolate!

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0:00 Welcome
0:22 Christmas Credits
1:31 Christmas Intro
2:21 What is “good”?
7:26 What is evil?
11:40 Mr. Slippy
14:27 Minority Groups and Social Identity
18:18 The Banality of Evil
21:41 Conclusion

Written by Neil Farrell and Sarah Oeffler

Additional research by Sarah Oeffler

Special thanks to our patrons: Louise Grath, Unoriginal Content, and Lacey Eberl

Creative commons vaporware video credits:

Jack Vashko:
Royalty Free Tube:

Image and audio credits:


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Further Resources:

If you need an example of how to change a bigot’s mind, look here:
(Content Warning: contains transphobic views)

And a real good book about social identity theory!

Haslam, C., Jetten, J., Cruwys, T., Dingle, G.A., Haslam, S.A., (2018) The new psychology of health: unlocking the social cure. New York. Routledge


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12 thoughts on “A Very Evil Christmas Special with The Liberal Cook

  1. edit: made the comment beginning the video, but I think keeping it up would be kind of insensitive to this really real problem

  2. I got real sad watching Mr. Slippy. I had that conversation with my family. Quietly trying to casually normalize it, and then getting punched in the gut with an email explaining that I was upsetting my family, that no partner I had would ever be accepted into their home, and to keep it to myself so I didn't embarrass them with the rest of the family. It's been almost 10 years since then and I still cry when I think about it.

  3. There's so much to be said about how brilliant this video is, but all I can really add is how much I love your scarf! Keep up the good work!

  4. I think about having those conversations all the time. I notice myself always wanting to go "HOW DO YOU THINK THAT WAY" but I have to remind myself, I'm never changing anyone's mind with that attitude. Same thing for like conspiracy theory stuff.

  5. You wielding a book on the couch, while being reassuring that opinions held by people you care about can hurt, was VERY soothing. Your face at 11:37 says you're something of an expert in the matter. :j Also, the off-centre camera is very continuity-officer-punk. It's great. So is the music at 4:40! And your Kermit voice! And Mr.Slippy's back to back alternate realities made me really hope he's OK!

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