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46 thoughts on “All the collectors cache submissions for the Dota 2 Battle pass 2019 part 1

  1. This is years BP is total trash compared to TI6, TI7 and TI8 Valve only cares about Microtransactions they have proven it now it's like hanging grapes on a tree for sly fox which he can't reach unless~ he pays for it. Or just fucking grind but I can bet you won't reach even 20 levels soon on your own. These TI cache sets are what disappointed me the most they look absolutely garbage if not few of them like that square Rubick and cat-eyed Oracle and Aladdin Storm and Enigma with his Eidelons.

  2. where is Faceless Void? Sir, i have a good ARCANA Design of Faceless Void in my Mind. Where shall I Share my Void Concept to Gaben & Icefrog?(I'm new to dota that's why i need ur help. plz reply)

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