22 thoughts on “Amaz's Auto Chess Units Guide 2! UPDATED EDITION | Queen Level Guides

  1. Have you ever tried enchantress with gods?
    I had 2x Ench two star with Mars and it was unkillable pack.

  2. I dont know about yall, but drow seems to be soo weak. She is squishy, and even at level 2, no real dmg done, maybe when you have hunters it shows, but compare it to bounty hunter, same damage more health + shrunken.

  3. Actually, one of the current best comps uses Ench 3 stars ( Ench, Furion, Treant, Alch, Venom, TB, AM, SF), although Lone Druid can replace her, if needed. Comp usually upgraded by adding 2 more demons (Doom + Sven) and/or replacing Venom by Necrophos or Death prophet.
    So yea… Ench, definitely not D. Same for Furion.

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