Oh no, not again… The pigs catch The Blues sleeping on the job and make off with the eggs!
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48 thoughts on “Angry Birds 2 – Official Animation Trailer

  1. I kinda feel this game is rigged a little bit or should I say money hungry in the daily quests it says “claim your gem letter” and you need 10 dollars to get the gem letter like how is that fair ten dollars and not just ten dollars forever. Ten dollars for a month jeez bruh the daily quests are impossible to do

  2. Rovio Mobile, When Will Go Add Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca, Gale (It does Use golden spells to make room for pigs, and puts gale in slingshot and pick up the golden to destroy the pigs.) And Ice Bird. Also add Tony, Terence's cousin is blue in the game of angry birds 2?

  3. These birds in the flock are: Red,Chuck,Bomb,Matilda,Silver,Blues and, Ternece. and are Extras is: Stella ,Hal and Bubbles. Are mighty Extra is: The Mighty Eagle.

  4. This is not Angry Birds 2. This was way after Angry Birds Friends, Seasons, Star Wars, Space, and more. Maybe Rovio couldn’t think of a better name

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