Are electric trucks ready to take over from diesel power?

SEA Electric trucks are creating plenty of buzz around the world. So we decided to tour their manufactured facility in Melbourne Australia and they gave us the keys to their game-changing SEA 300 electric truck to test.

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9 thoughts on “Australian-made electric SEA 300 truck | Truck Test Drive

  1. Rip to Cummings/cat diesel motors 😔 ps: I rather hear Jake breaks from a diesel motor than drive that.

  2. What's the point in making a truck that's faster, safer, cleaner, quieter, and cheaper to run if it can only meet the needs of 90% of all truck trips?? Oh wait…

    #goelectric #stopburningstuff #keepitintheground

  3. I am not trying to be skeptical as we have one car and that's an EV but 250kms range without any load at the back doesn't seem very realistic but perhaps there is a market for it

  4. Slight correction for you. The fast charger is the bit at the bottom. (DC) The slow part is at the top (AC).

  5. Great more idiots driving flat out from every set of traffic lights 🚦 this goose knows nothing about transport

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