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Natus Vincere proudly presents our pseudo-documentary movie from The International 3.
Have fun watching, subscribe to our Dota 2 channel and let us know what do you think about it in the comments!
Music list:
1. MiXE1 – Lights Out
2. Epic Score – Something To Believe In
3. Stand Tall ~ GRV Music & Epic Score
4. Les Friction – Firewall
5. Mark Petrie – Kara Kul (Grand Final Intro)
6. Sonic Symphony – Maximus
7. Fight For Your Freedom
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46 thoughts on “Back to The International 2013 – Dota 2 Movie

  1. This video is still my favorite! ♥️
    Watching it in 2019 and it feel amazing that I have watched all these matches live.
    Navi is in heart
    Thank you team Navi for such an amazing video!

  2. I just realized that as of TI8, Na'Vi are the only winners to ever return to the Grand Finals of the following TI and are the only team with 3 Grand Finals appearances

  3. Прошел уже восьмой по счету Инт., а это видео до сих пор актуально. И наверное всегда будет)

  4. 5 лет уже прошло с тех событий, а я каждый год пересматриваю и пускаю скупую мужскую….

  5. Easily the best tournament to date. Awesome meta and interesting games with great upsets. Still gives me the chills over 4 years later.

  6. The International 2011 – 6/10
    The International 2012 – 5/10
    The International 2013 – 10/10
    The International 2014 – 3/10
    The International 2015 – 7/10
    The International 2016 – 6/10
    The International 2017 – 1/10

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