40 thoughts on “Beginner C++ Game Programming DirectX [Game Loop / Variable Scope] Tutorial 4.1

  1. Just found your channel and am having fun following your tutorials on my holiday break. I have recently taken a course in C programming with a bit of C++ but they did not teach us anything graphics related (all we did was math related programs like monte carlo integration and linear algebra algorithms, etc) so your tutorials are teaching me all the fun stuff they withheld from me, LoL.

    Thanks a million for making this damn robust course man.

  2. just binge watched the beginning of this tutorial series and i just want to say i love the approach you take to teaching c++. I've tried to learn programming on multiple occasions and I've always been presented with a mind f*** that wasn't properly explained that confused the hell out of me that made it so i had a very hard time continuing. Bravo, I look forward to the rest of the videos 😀

  3. I just wanted to say that Chili does a fantastic job of explaining things without assaulting you with technical terms. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn c++ without feeling like a moron.

  4. I have learned more in 4 of your tutorials than I have in all the other tutorials that I have watched combined. You lessons are comedic and interactive. You are a great teacher. +1 subscriber!

  5. I tried to enter c++ for a while , This tutorial is a huge help . Your channel is one of the few super helpful channels in youtube

  6. You rekindled my love for coding! It's the perfect storm of memes, non boring-ass attitude and right amount of information. Although I know most of this basic stuff, coming from C/C# and my other ventures, it's pleasure to relearn them with these tutorials. Thanks Chili!

  7. I just simply cannot understand why aren't you getting more subscribers? These tutorials are gold, man! Thanks so much, sensei.

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