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Outro music:
Home at Last by Ozzed

edited by mordecaibot


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  1. lollern1234567

    What do you think would happen if he took the other lvl 10 talent? Its actually pretty hard if you get illus, they deal dmg. A lot

  2. pappaOfswe

    Dont forget to take a break after a game like this. It's not good for your back too carry such a heavy weight for an extended amount of time.

  3. CryMeALake

    When they all push and Sven keep on farming, AND THEN have the audacity to say "See what happen when we push?", I FELT that.

  4. LAG PC

    Im am pretty sure waga was wrong on his build here. You only need one point on the disruption and shouldve maxed out the W spell. Waaaaaaaaaay more damage that way and honestly couldve killed more heroes that way. He missed a lot of kills coz he didnt take W

  5. Nangzdk

    I would have ragequit if I saw my sven farming there while we're taking base with 5 dead enemies. I don't care if we're winning. Wtfman

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