Full gameplay of match 4912248950 from the perspective of CeMaTheSlayeR, who is currently Immortal Rank 44. The match was played at 2019-07-19 12:59 UTC
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CeMaTheSlayeR’s item build:
-01:29: Orb of Venom, Tango, Sentry Ward, Iron Branch, Town Portal Scroll
02:17: Boots of Speed
04:49: Magic Stick
05:55: Wind Lace, Ring of Regen
06:44: Tranquil Boots
15:17: Ogre Axe
17:20: Staff of Wizardry
18:06: Ring of Regen
18:33: Sage’s Mask
19:15: Meteor Hammer
29:56: Blink Dagger
32:14: Chainmail
33:18: Sage’s Mask, Blight Stone
33:50: Medallion of Courage
37:34: Wind Lace
39:28: Ultimate Orb, Solar Crest
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