I am releasing the final look of the Crochet Ferris Wheel. Inspired by Daniel Zondervan, frame was hand crocheted by Daniel, Colleen Barden and Michael Sellick. 7 Characters were completed by Kathleen Ward and 1 was Colleen Barden. This is available for bidding to benefit Children’s Programs through Crafting For A Cure. You can contact Pamela at if you are interested in bidding on this. This goes to public exhibit Oct 12 – 14th where people will have an opportunity to bid. The characters are not included in this Ferris Wheel. There is 90 hours of work involved in constructing and yarn bombing this Ferris Wheel, this doesn’t include the time for the Characters. Happy Bidding.

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11 thoughts on “Crochet Ferris Wheel – Silent Auction | The Crochet Crowd

  1. love love love what you two have done!!! my guyz have had such a "ride" since they found their new home in Canada……..I can tell they are well loved!

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