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Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan (Winter Time)

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45 thoughts on “Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan (Winter Time)

  1. Hello I really love the griddle with three compartments. Do your remember where you got it or have a link to it? Thank you!

  2. Por favor traduzcanselo,me gustó mucho su vídeo,pero digan que preparó su esposo que se veía delicioso,saludos de Juárez nuevo León, Mexico

  3. So lovely your video, I from Brasil and I am watching you from Goiânia- Goiás. Your Life, your country are so different.. here the Life goes fast in 90% of time, some people have to stay in office at 7 a.m., the cars are crazy, the warm is hot, that are some examples… I wish happy and love for you and your husband.❤ God bless your marriage

  4. Who did the sub titles in Malay / Bahasa Indonesia? It is simply atrocious!! It will NOT do good for this vlog, very, very sorry

  5. Olhando para como a vida flui, transquila e serena, percebo que é possível ser feliz com tão pouco, mínimo, e necessário. Saber que alguém está nos esperando, e que podemos dividir simplicidade em viver, isto não tem preço. Não é preciso de muito para ser feliz.

  6. Looking at how life flows, calm and serene, I realize that it is possible to be happy with so little, minimal, and necessary. Knowing that someone is waiting for us, and that we can share simplicity in living, this is priceless. It doesn't take much to be happy.

  7. This is so peaceful to watch, and beautiful music in the background, I wish to adopt a Japanese minimalist lifestyle

  8. uma vida muito monótona acho que não suportaria viver assim tão isolados pq nós brasileiros amamos gente, conversar amigos gente

  9. Hello from ny! Current job has saved me from poverty in this pandemic. But it's so time-centric. I MUST meet my monthly metrics. It's been really stressful. I'm hoping when this pandemic is over I can find a job that's maybe not so fast paced.

  10. Japão pais que valoriza quem estuda quem procura emprego.. pago por hora trabalhada.. pais admirável sempre educação e tecnologia investimento em melhoria continua sempre

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