Dota 2 Pro – Dondo Boss The Supamida (Team Tigers) Play Mars part 1 on Dota 2 7.21 Update Patch
Seasonal Rank Medals | New Ranked / MMR System | Herald – Guardian – Crusader – Archon – Legend – Ancient – Divine – Immortal Medal
Role: Melee – Carry – Disabler – Durable – Initiator Midlane Dire
KDA: 20-3-15
Items: Power Treads – Drum of Endurance – Blink Dagger – Sange and Yasha – Black King Bar – Satanic
Match ID: 4497525478
Music Pack: Default Music Pack
Danil “Dendi” Ishutin (born December 30, 1989) is an Ukrainian professional Dota 2 and former DotA player. Well known for his solo mid skills, he is regarded as one of the most creative players in the scene today, and is renowned for his unorthodox play style and unconventional skill and item builds. After having played for Natus Vincere for the entirety of his professional Dota 2 career, he finally departed the active roster for the first time in September 2018. He is currently a member of Tigers on loan
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25 thoughts on “Dendi – Mars MID | GOD OF WAR | New HERO | Dota 2 Pro MMR Gameplay

  1. Honestly, I'm a shitty 3-4k player But I play Mars much better than him. He could've killed sniper 2-3 times in early levels But failed so hard. He didn't build soul ring that is absolutely amazing To improve farm. Phase boots are much better than power threads, especially if You go for drums as well. My favourite mid build atm is soul ring – bottle – phase boots – blink dagger – radiance And Then see What You rly need. Bkb And satanic are good choices, also desolator works well.

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