33 thoughts on “Dendi picked PUDGE on STREAM — best FUN Dota streamer

  1. Тупо весь видос нужно без звука смотреть, если это весело для кого-то слушать эти стоны с криками , значит я чего то не понимаю

  2. wooow dendi so stronk boys, can actually hook stunned enemys, w00fN1LUz amaz1ng redditplays. Almost like in Ti back in the days when he hooked afk stunned players to fountain, this just skilled as fuck. I remember the Hype for dendi in the beginnings of dota2, then people learned how to actually play the game and understood that dendi isnt that good as they thought.

  3. 2:48 Korean sound language from the back . WTF ??? (Dandi – Game russian language , speaks english and from the back korean language)

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