48 thoughts on “Doom 3 Axe 3 Troll 3 in the SAME ROUND | Amaz Auto Chess 93

  1. Who in the hell keeps an axe at lvl 10 when not going for 4 orcs …. axe is the worst warrior to keep at lvl 10 if you don’t have 4 orcs on board … why not keep lycan and sell axe if you will go for two orcs only

  2. orcs biggest jebait 2019, 20 gold lost in interest and useless upgrades, kunkka/lycan3 and doom given up just to play a late jugg2 entire game and use four orcs for one single round at level 10 (???).

  3. 20:25 that heroic dazzle (I think it's dazzle? Noob here) surviving after ult, entering aoe zone just as it runs out and surviving to the end of the round tho XD

  4. call me a dickhead but after those panic moves i was praying to god to make you lose so hard, to punish those fcking panic moves, you were so fcking lucky all the time, you could have got jug3 and lycan 3 too, but you were too greedy and didnt even lock once, you are dead to me buddy

  5. Lol so AMAZing, guess the game just wants to get chirpie flying again! Nothing special just the same ol' panicking, and noob late-game decision making, if it wasnt for the super strong headstart, he might just lose again

  6. Huge fan from your first Hearthstone time. Would be amazing if you can add subtitles, or at least allow auto subtitles because English is not my mother language, so I can learn your guide more completely 😀

  7. I dont understand sven, u lost the demon effect but still didnt have the 6 warriors effect, sven lv1 is not that worth

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