49 thoughts on “Dota 2 Couriers' massacre! 7.23

  1. I did that too, we lost the game as carries being carries, but i got 15 cour kills, as np, as i had planted deep wards so from the 3 min mark to the 50 min mark got 15 kills in one game, and 18 in the other game, won the other game, lost the 1st one but

  2. I remember reading that someone did the math on the networth swing and it came out to be like, 2,400 gold, both with how much he got rewarded for killing them, but the lost GPM on the flipside

  3. even if he loses the game after that he already won the game psychologically. this is like the whole team getting kicked in the balls.

  4. Yeaaaa I want multikill announces for killing cute couriers. Fighting heroes is so last season. They're all in the jungle anyways who wants to go there

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