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Lycanthrope from Dota 2. A guide for how to play Lycanthrope at a normal/pro level. Commentated by SUNSfan.
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33 thoughts on “Dota 2 Guide – Lycan

  1. I agree, They need to update this… Specially for new players, If you guys are new to Dota 2 like me then you know it's hard playing Heroes without friends.

  2. You know who really sucks to go up against with lycan? Bloodseeker man. Hes like the only hero who can use your ultimate against you. If you ulti and run from a fight, he can just rupture you, and since you're at max speed in wolf form you'll die in like 5-10 seconds. So just from tbat one move he kills you, makes you waist your ulti, and humiliates you by using it against you.

  3. Great guide! That's exactly how to play Lycan. I'd add also that he's quite good offlaner. You can pull enemy creeps with your wolves behind the tower and when you have other micro managment heroes like chen, enigma, pl, naga siren etc. You can max q and w instead of aura (e). Then you just give the buff to your team when they want to gank. It's kind of global presence. To survive in offlane you can last hit and harass with wolves. When it's to dangerous you just move to forrest when you get vlad to farm back to the game. For me Lycan offlane works fine it's kind of extra late game potential for the team. First time I fought about it when I saw War Beast (hero similar to DotA 2's Lycan in the game Heroes of Newerth) played as offlaner in competitive game by Reason Gaming and Stay Green which are top HoN teams.

  4. I get phase boots on lycan,since I have the ult and feral impulse for attack speed,phase boots help boosting damage and when I'm in my wolf form I always get blocked by teammates and creeps so I activate phase boots to go through,personally I think phase boots is the best choice of boots on lycan early game.

  5. If you plan on Jungling Lycan, it works, but it can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are doing.
    Check MackTen TV's channel, he plays Lycan a lot and puts out guides for him.

  6. Wow eredar could have purged Lycan at 5:20 or if not then
    Micro the disrupted illusion to run. It works like a charm since if you act like a illusion then nobody will suspect you

  7. @TheSexInTheMorning I dont go back to the fountain just to regen, with the right items and micro, i always do 6-7 minute vlads, no pull. just avoid centaurs and wolves. they do too much damage to you and your wolves.

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