36 thoughts on “Dota 2 Guide – Syllabear the Lone Druid

  1. i like how i went back to watch this guide today, got confused when he used the term asian, scrolled down to see if anyone else in the comments bellow was confused. and the first comment is my old one where in it i expressed the same exact confusion i am expressing now. XD

  2. always good info. But the you gota tone down the I LOVE YOU shit… Its fucking too creepy. And fukin queer… What do you mean by you love me? sometimes you say we… Who is we… How do you want to love me? Do you actually love me or are you jus saying that? Can i love you back? In the bum?

  3. I want my game to look like your's if you know what I mean, please help me understand why it looks so cool graphics wise

  4. I've done this with vengeful spirit as well and had over 15 kills. Just screw the bear, put all your level ups into stats, and for lone druid in ult, and just become a right clicking machine. I was in a game with another guy and he did something similar and he got like 20 kills and the other team wasn't bad at all. Maybe a right clicking druid could do well and be a lot of fun to play with. Anybody have any thought on this?

  5. What's this nonsense about building a skadi on the bear?
    Since he has no stats, the bear gets absolutely nothing from the skadi except the slow…you're basically paying 6k gold just for a 35% slow.

  6. Luna in lane with the bear (damage aura) is priceless. Bear gets 38 whole damage, as do you. Defending yourself with a bear never gets easier than that.

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