24 thoughts on “Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Lich

  1. The mana cost of his first skill is ridiculous, I hate when the game make the intelligence hero's skill mana cost so high just because they are an intelligence hero. Like the strength or agility heros have about same effects of the skill but way lower mana cost.

  2. i don't give a fuck what i have been so fucking pro all the time to win the fucking game, just don't give a shit of what hero i use and playing it to win the fucking game, i don't give a fuck about it.

  3. Changes to Lich have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Ice Armor has been replaced with Frost Shield. Frost Shield can be activated on yourself or allies, reducing the physical damage they take by 30/40/50/60%, as well as shooting out a pulse of ice to damage and slow all enemies every second. The shield lasts for 6 seconds and can be used on towers.

    Aghanim's Scepter: In addition to the increased mentioned in the video, the cast range will be increased and the bounce limit will also be removed completely. The slow will also be increased from 30% to 50%.

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  4. @GianCada Oh cmon why did you come to say that on a dota 2 video where people will most likely say that you are [insert offensive stuff here]. That's just stupid.

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