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43 thoughts on “Dota 2 Invoker's Raging Fury 4

  1. For those learning invoker, think of every spell being a follow-up initiator. For instance, Cold Snap is often comboed with either Ice Wall, Alacrity, Chaos Meteor or Forge Spirits. That's why Tornado is such a valued spell for Invoker, it allows him to chain all of his abilitys together, and at level 25 with Aghanims Scepter, you can cast every single spell in your arsenal in under 8 seconds! Never use just one spell at a time unless the follow up is instead right-clicking, your team, or something else. Sunstriking also a good excuse.

  2. Im still new to dota 2 ive only played it for a year and some months and ill say 85% of my game is as invoker and for me this is good because invoker is one f the hardest hero to master some of u might not understand but for a invoker user like me this is worth my time

  3. When you do well as invoker in a pub game…
    Their team: Report you for being amazing and killing them sometimes they even accuse you of hacks in DOTA
    Your team: Reports you for getting kills with sun strike or KS and then they complain when you don't
    Result: Low priority for 5 games because u abandoned 1 game and got reported
    In low priority: Everyone abandons people follow you around to annoy you
    After: You realize you have to play ranked matches if you don't want to get reported
    Result: You have fun
    Alternative: You aren't level 13 and everyone gets annoyed at you.
    Conclusion: The Dota 2 community needs to calm down and help new players get into the game, when you see someone not playing well try and help them and if they are kill stealing think about how they are probably trying their best.

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  5. I just watched a pro player using invoker an he wasn't even close to this guy, he looked like he never played the game.

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