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Dota 2 Nature's Prophet and Octarine Core

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  1. DopestDope

    dude there are so much idiots in dota man. NP kills them with this all the time, i mean 1s or 2ice is ok. But all through the game. like a buy atleast tango man. dafuq

  2. Doc Holiday

    took me a while to remember it reduces cooldown. thought he was gonna get hurt like hell then heal up to nearly full cuz of his ult. xD

  3. Kristaps Jaremčuks

    Nature's Prophet school: 
    1) get mushroom hat.
    2) farm alone whole game.
    3) use ult to steal last-hits.
    4) enable panic-mode when wild enemy appears.
    5) throw a game.
    But this NP is just an amateur.

  4. Ryan Chong

    Ahhh…. Octarine sprout. The ability to hold a hero there for the entire game. Frankly if they dived you into your base, I wouldn't kill him. Just hold him there till the game ends. They lose a carry, but you can still help the team with wrath of nature.

  5. Jorge Freitas

    I can definitely see some serious nerfs on their way to NP due to this… Imagine this thing on a pro level, it's basically a perma-lock on anyone NP wants!

  6. James Smith

    Либо покупаем октарин кор и убиваем за три прокаста деревьев
    Либо покупаем бирюзу и не ебем мозги ни себе, ни тиммейтам, ни таракану..

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