29 thoughts on “Dota 2 Nature's Prophet and Octarine Core

  1. dude there are so much idiots in dota man. NP kills them with this all the time, i mean 1s or 2ice is ok. But all through the game. like a buy atleast tango man. dafuq

  2. took me a while to remember it reduces cooldown. thought he was gonna get hurt like hell then heal up to nearly full cuz of his ult. xD

  3. Nature's Prophet school: 
    1) get mushroom hat.
    2) farm alone whole game.
    3) use ult to steal last-hits.
    4) enable panic-mode when wild enemy appears.
    5) throw a game.
    But this NP is just an amateur.

  4. Ahhh…. Octarine sprout. The ability to hold a hero there for the entire game. Frankly if they dived you into your base, I wouldn't kill him. Just hold him there till the game ends. They lose a carry, but you can still help the team with wrath of nature.

  5. I can definitely see some serious nerfs on their way to NP due to this… Imagine this thing on a pro level, it's basically a perma-lock on anyone NP wants!

  6. Либо покупаем октарин кор и убиваем за три прокаста деревьев
    Либо покупаем бирюзу и не ебем мозги ни себе, ни тиммейтам, ни таракану..

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