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26 thoughts on “Dota 2 NEW 7.22 PATCH – ALL AGHANIM'S SCEPTERS!

  1. Stupid vid…sorry to say that,u dont mentioned the difference and the update,so fuck u for doing the stupid vid….not helpful at all…useless

  2. Some scepters are rushed in mu opinion , for example Arc . Like wtf what were they thinking , just add an ability that spawns rune😂 not saying ita bad just poorly designed

  3. I'm here to comment how stupid TB aghs is. Why not instead of metamorphosis which has insane amount of cooldown why not add the same aghs on his 1st skill, much like qops 3rd skill which can cause fear. Aghs for tb is just a waste of money and useless.

  4. Doom scepter is broken.. try it out
    its silencing hero and dps untill that enemy dead.. only with scepter
    thanks me later dota2 tips

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