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Dota 2 – The Origin –
Martijn de Bont – Epic Hybrid Trailer
Daniel Lenz – Defiance
Max Cameron – Overpowered
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31 thoughts on “Dota 2 – The Origin 2 Movie

  1. <<<<<<<< У меня в видео вы можете узнать как получить ХАЛЯВНО НОЖ

  2. holy fuck what an amazing video. great plays by everyone on the vid. epic. just epic. four thumps up! (including the thumbs of my toes)

  3. LoL players dont dislike this vid if you dont like it just ignore you can either get to learn the game if you watched some of the dota 2 vids. Its not easy to play dota 2 than playing LoL. But its worth a try to play. I am not an advertiser for dota 2. -_- . and im not saying that you shouldt play LoL. Im just teaching you a lesson.

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