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Dota 2 TI7 Exclusive Reward Benevolent Companion (IO Arcana!) [Discord Giveaway]

The Easter Egg at level 245 was real!

IO (Wisp) Arcana has been released today!

It is an exclusive item for TI7 Battle Pass owner that are level 245+!

Many has suggested me to do the IO giveaway but the item isnt tradable. Instead, I will be giving out giftcards for people to boost their levels!

Please head to Discord #perks to enter the giveaway.

The island:


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Island of EterNity:

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  1. Sergey Svetlakov

    Я вижу ты знаток компендиума, скажи пожалуйста возможно ли подняться до 200. уровня без покупки уровней, я просто очень хочу получить тот имортал на кункку.

  2. xpela100

    Lol, the probability to hit the number (1-9999) is to big, it's impossible someone hit your number.. So it's like 1.0 % or less to be the winner…

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