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Dota 2 Win – Lone Druid Jukes

Lone Druid Jukes in G-1 League, seen at

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  1. Johnnygombas

    Its not exactly the biggest escape in the world, considering the bed died so he did give away a chunk of gold
    But I think this was before the bear was worth as much as it is

  2. Huntie

    just went through all of the videos in the playlist just cause i love it so much thank u guys for doing this for all of the dota 2 lovers out there

  3. Đức Hùng

    the bear completely blocked TA at the chokespot, if there wasn't a entangle, he would still gonna make it. But the bear may gets in trouble.

    entangle = no harm for both bear and LD

  4. Đức Hùng

    well..they can make great income from this game if they're proteam player..

    everything that gives you income is considered a job so..

  5. Rabid Churro

    People treating video games like they are an actual sport. I find it to be pretty funny. These are video games guys. Quit acting like you're some sort of athlete just because you can sit at a desk and play a video game.

  6. SirNilzey

    He didn't resummon it twice. Whenever you put a skillpoint in Spirit Bear it procs the same animation and gives you the upgraded Spirit Bear.

  7. Ander01SE

    G-1 Champion's League Finals Season 5
    Match ID: 202977455 vs Team Liquid

    First attempt 1:00 minute in.
    Second at 3:25 so no blink dagger. 😉

  8. ayos2ah

    Coz TA needs to be in position for her meld attack. Instead of waiting for an opponent to step in her range, she can Blink, meld, etc. Also if being attacked, Meld, wait for Blink Dagger to be available and blink away.

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