1. –0:43 "hmmmm how good taste, let me swallow it". Disgusting.
    -My first day here, and probably the last one. This guy is disgustin doing things with mouth.
    -The streamers are all the same with their colored LED lights behind. They have no personality, they just copy each other.
    -The spontaneous and sudden total silences that the microphone makes are horrible.
    -How is it possible that this guy has so many followers? it does not make any sense.
    -The world is going to shit.

  2. Hi, im new with this game. Ur guide helps me a lot. I just wanna know if how can i obtain a chess player skins like urs and others? Thank you

  3. His Economy was horrible the entire game and he got saved by that fact that he rolled into leveling his units and that kingtroy wasn’t lv 10 either

  4. Well siren’s ability is based on the pieces starring at her that’s what turns them to stone so when when they turn away before that time hits they won’t turn to stone

  5. Beserker didnt get turned into stone because he was facing away for a second. You need to stare at her for 2 seconds for it to proc stone.

  6. How do you feel about theifing units off your opponent? For example I saw early on you gave back the soul breaker which is a primary carry for assasins with an assasin player. Also didn’t take away Witcher with a demon unit. And what’s the difference between knight 4/6 reads the same in app

  7. pretty interesting I aways play with rush rush lvl 3 rush get exp… away leadering scoreboard… then lategame comes and I aways loose… XD

  8. youre playing the game wrong ;-; it hurts to watch, you need investments, the only way to win late game is to lose early game is what i've seen, if you save then you gain

  9. goddamn that crazy rolling spree is incredibly unbearable to watch but you were so lucky with those rolls that it just didnt matter xD

  10. Hey Molt,
    Wanted to suggest maybe cutting the videos down to about round 10 and beyond. I find myself fast forwarding through most of them

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