31 thoughts on “EHOME vs NaVi – Game 2, Championship Finals – Dota 2 International – English Commentary

  1. Watched this match over 10 times now, and I would go doom a lot back in the day thanks to this match, and lose a lot too lol. I will remember this match forever!

  2. TobiWan really brought the passion to casting in the early stages of Dota 2 commentating. He was my favorite commentator but the passion died down over the years unfortunately but i feel like Tobi doesn't get enough love for the hype he brought to the stage.

  3. Watching in October 2017, and still looks better than LOL, LUL kkkkk
    As a dota1 player and active dota 2 player, its so weird to see how meta changed and the entire game changed itself ( lane strategy, itens, etc.)
    I'm 4k mmr player and now a realize that i didn't know a shit about the game that time, how strategic, but it was so funny. a HAIL to all old times dota WC3 players

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