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EHOME vs NaVi – Game 2, Championship Finals – Dota 2 International – English Commentary


The International Loser Bracket Finals Game 2 between EHOME and NaVi. Go to for full Gamescom schedule and results.


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  1. Dylan

    TobiWan really brought the passion to casting in the early stages of Dota 2 commentating. He was my favorite commentator but the passion died down over the years unfortunately but i feel like Tobi doesn't get enough love for the hype he brought to the stage.

  2. Charlie Nanx

    Watching in October 2017, and still looks better than LOL, LUL kkkkk
    As a dota1 player and active dota 2 player, its so weird to see how meta changed and the entire game changed itself ( lane strategy, itens, etc.)
    I'm 4k mmr player and now a realize that i didn't know a shit about the game that time, how strategic, but it was so funny. a HAIL to all old times dota WC3 players

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