48 thoughts on “ELVES FTW – NEW Treant Protector 3 | Amaz Auto Chess 62

  1. Been 4 months. This guy still insists on not playing any HS lol 😀 There is literally a new expansion coming today. He used to play the game when a new exp comes out. Change your name to Amaz Dota or something

  2. I honestly don't understand why more people haven't picked up on the fact that hunters are actually just insanely strong through the mid to lategame. Their damage output is through the roof the moment you get to 3 hunters in the midgame, and if you pick up 6 for the lategame the damage spikes so damn hard that most things just melt.

  3. Hi Amaz, I know it would be extremely unlikely to get but assuming you just get lucky would you think 6 Elves + 6 Hunters would be good? Since 2 Elves are Hunters it is possible and since you can put in Medusa and Tidehunter you would not have to miss out on good aoe ults and you would have the naga synergy to protect your Elves against Mages which normally counter them. Sounds pretty op to me. But yeah, very rare to get.

  4. A new Hearthstone expansion is out today and you've yet to make any videos covering it. It's okay that you want to play other games, but a lot of us subbed to you years ago because of Hearthstone. This chess game is a fad, and will pass. So if you're not going to play Hearthstone anymore, please let me know so I can unsubscribe. Thanks.

  5. i was thinking how the hell did you lose that game? level 10 vs his level 9 AND you just put a hyperstone and javelin on DA DEUS! kunka got silenced early, doom went straight to hitting mirana, the wolves jumped to back line and LD got doomed; all that shit together made for quite an upset

  6. This is reaching a point of not even being fun anymore. Hell, at least in Hearthstone, altough still very influence by RNG, the other player could react and outskill the opponent. But here… if you get a bad roll, you are fucked the entire game.

  7. this guy is so retarded rerolling when he has nothing to put in with all upgrades instead of leveling. THE FUCKING INSANE HIGH ROLLING AND THEN HE DOWN GRADES on a complete set near AM 3 entering high level . Fuck this guy so dumb. Insane high roll and manages to throw everytime. This guy can only win playing with the same noobs and insane high rolling. When he high rolls he loses, the only time he wins is when he highs rolls like a mother fucker and somehow still complains about it. -_-' Has zero sense of comps or probability, doesn't scan, doesn't position correctly, definitely clueless about items even this "experienceds" and still don't understand items or hero atks, burst, speed, etc.

  8. I thought the beetle on the board was actually a fly on my screen. Thought I failed in killing it and just spent 15 minutes hunting for it round my room. Beetle 1 – 0 Me

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