Master Subject list:

• not voting yet
• RAM prices dropping due to increase of RAM supply
• EOSfinex
• Decentralized exchanges
• How CPU staking works
• How EOS accounts work with different levels of Key Access
• Games: PumpDump Wars, Space Invaders, EOS Knights,, FOMO life
• Telos Inverse Weighted Voting
• Recover lost EOS keys on Telos


Detailed Subject List:

• Brendan Blumer tweets: “ does not plan to vote until it represents a minority of total voting turnout. We are more focused on updates the #EOS community can leverage to increase voter participation”

On one hand, good that they are trying to not dominate the votes. On the other hand, if they can dominate then they might as well, instead of pretending they don’t have the power and voting weight that they do.

• RAM was voted to increase. RAM prices have been dropping. It started with a 1.5 GB jump (from 64gb to 65.5gb), and is now increasing gradually every single block. To see this, go here:
– Overall Ram increasing every block

• Eosfinex 50 days away? (September release?)

• How CPU usage works on EOS. Explained very well by a reddit user /u/james_pic:

• Explain difference between owner and active keys on EOS.

—————- GAMES SECTION —————-

• GAMES, GAMES, GAMES. Less than 2 months and we have tons of games being release on EOS. I don’t recall this happening on Ethereum in the first 2 months. Give disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the games I am going to show. Please do your own research and do not send money to contracts unless you know what you are doing and trust them. I am not saying they are honest or bug-free contracts. Play at your own risk!

• PumpDump Wars (break down image) (not sure if it is a real game or just a joke).

• EosAuthoritie’s Space invaders on EOS mainnet:

• EOS Knights game:

User’s comments (he played the game):
(click on iOS link for “available in August”)(click on Android app for gameplay screenshots)

• Wizard collectibles on EOS”.
Up-to-date info on :

• : (you see every transaction on the EOS blockchain)

—————- TELOS SECTION —————-

• Telos update: Share the idea of Inverse Weighted Voting and how it could and should be used on EOS. See a clip of Douglas from Telos Network talking about how he’s happy to share this with EOS as the sister network. Full video here:

• Telos update: Lost key procedure available BEFORE network goes live. Show the screenshot from Telegram of Douglas speaking on this. (Telos Whitepaper page 31)

In the Telegram group “Telos Testnet”, I asked “Is there a smart contract available now that can be accessed to perform the proof of our ETH keys?”

Douglas Horn of Telos Network answered: “We are pulling this together. I will make sure to let you know as soon as we have it. It’s a high priority, but so are a lot of things right now. And adding more all the time, life trying to address dust wallets.”

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23 thoughts on “EOS Mega Update Vol 5: not voting yet, Increase of RAM, Drop in RAM price, EOSfinex, Games

  1. I think B1 is smart not to vote right now. They have stressed that EOS is a community project and that they didnt even launch EOS, the community did. Them voting now would create the appearance of centralization

  2. Thanks for making an attempt to clarify active and owner keys , but I am still confused , you went through it pretty fast, , mass adoption will not happen until more training videos are created so people Can understand what they are getting into, I expect the block producers to create more training videos to help people understand how EOS works

  3. In terms of Games.
    EOS is going to get smoked by the Loom Network (80,000K developers not including the Unity3d) and it the first to support Plasma in Ethereum.

  4. I really appreciate your hard work in proving this high quality material. Eosfinex sounds like the right direction. Cheers!

  5. That's was a wonderful update on EOS, you forgot to mention, it's similar to fomo3D of eth, you win dividends from the pot every time someones joins the game and also stand a chance to win the jackpot. This way even if eos keeps loosing value you win some extra eos everytime someone joins. No one should ever put in more than they are willing to loose. This referral code will make it easier to join with your scatter wallet:

  6. Regarding accounts. I set up 2 additional EOS accounts in scatter. Is there a way to use my original genesis EOS created account and link the other two accounts without transfering EOS to those accounts? I just want to use the account names, more or less.

  7. Can you please do a video on how to make a active keypair with the eos genesis account? I get the concept but I'm confused.

  8. And yet another informative and entertaining video. Thanks. Namaste, JaiChai – P.S. Looking at Telos carefully because of you. And as usual, I'm approaching it from this standpoint: "Da Vinci was a rebel. But not all rebels are Leonardo…"

  9. Why couldn't they just stake say 20% of their tokens and vote those, then increase as they see the total increase.

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