Faker Montage 2017 – Best of SKT Faker (The Best Player in the World)
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● Music used:

Johannes Bornlöf – SkyFall 1 (
Avenza – Young Ones ft. Johnning:
Wateva – See U (ft. Johnning) [Rival Remix]:
HeroicMonk – Shine Brighter:
Rival – Light In The Dark (ft. Sina Py & Ryan Oakes):

● Other Credits:
Riot Deficio:
SKT Bang:
Zed Animation:

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24 thoughts on “Faker "#1 World" Montage 2017 (Best Of Faker) | League Of Legends

  1. Anyone heard of The Hidd3n? Best League player in the EU! I just want to find out how he is so tactical and good simultaneously?! I suggest some of you check his GPs out, he's insane at whatever he does.

  2. Faker: -Has a game thats 10 mins long, loses but has 5/0/0

    Fans: That CANT be faker

    Fans: * Replays the match and sees that the 5 kills was a penta * yup thats faker

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