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48 thoughts on “First Item Divine 9 Min Tidehunter 29 Kills | Dota 2 Silly Builds

  1. U have support Bro they do anythings for you the let you ro kills they give you mango in line the do every things this is not hard with good support and lans every one can do

  2. 5man team up with low mmr… plz… or maybe 10 man team up for the show… before the first drop of divide that was lag or dumb…

  3. Como lo recupero el divini cuando le quitó el mono estaban 17-15 después cortaron y mono estaba muerto pero seguían 17-15 q paso hay

  4. 8:58 – 10:31 so the money can decrease that fast and tide got 4k-5k from 3kill ? Nice no1 can find out
    Bb lost 6k from that war .tf ? Staged 👌and no1 buy blademail smh 🤦‍♂️

  5. fake: there's no way a tide hunter would have that gold per minute without buying basic items UNLESS he's smurfing a herald player

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