Once you master this swimming freestyle technique, it is definitely a very useful way to swim long distances. By the end of the video you’ll know how to do at least one arrow freestyle stroke, that is the foundation. Then you can start building up your endurance and coordination from there.

To be honest I knew how to swim freestyle like this but I had never tried perfecting it. The first time that I did a 100 like this I did it in 1:11 and then watched video and practiced it longer until I felt comfortable to record it and show it. Then I worked hard to reverse engineer and break down the technique and everything that is required to do it to do this swimming video.

00:00 – Demo: 100 my smoothest freestyle at 1:05
01:05 – Theory: 5 key points
03:38 – 5 problems
04:04 – Exercises for smooth freestyle (5 steps)
09:35 – Giveaway

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22 thoughts on “Freestyle swimming: How I swim my smoothest 100 meters in 1:05

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  3. Dude I love your videos you are making me swuim better, and my time in 100 meters is 1.05 it's my new record, I will try to catch the 1.03, and I will make it using your method :), I'm 13

  4. Great video I’ve been coaching for 35 years totally dig it just did a video on current pool swimming check it out!

  5. BEST TUTORIAL!!!!🥇🥇🥇🏊🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️SUBSCRIBED!!!!


  6. In that first 100 my coaches be like:
    me: I don't care you have lectured me with those words for 3 and a half years now.

  7. Thanks a bunch. Starting to train for my first olympic triathlon (first tri ever). Looks like I've got a long way to go but im all the better for watching this video. Thanks. Liked and subscribed.

  8. This is a fantastic video, and your instruction regarding energy conservation is spot on for distance swimming. One additional suggestion for beginners is to keep your “head down”, which will help keep your body horizontal. Think of bow and stern – head above water will cause back of body to sink deeper below water – which slows down your glide. This is by far the BEST SWIM VIDEO I’ve seen on YouTube. And agree, your cameraman was an MVP.

  9. Talking about arrow strokes
    Do you also define this as a one arm one kick catch up
    Ive been practicing this
    As a 15 year old squad swimmer i was able to go 27.5 seconds for 50 and 59.5 for the 100
    Im 54 now and way slower
    Im back swimming masters and training 10k plus per week with distance and drills
    Sofar after the last few months im back down to around 0:32 for the 50m and 1:12 for the 100m
    Im feeling strong and efficient however i cant seem to get any quicker, frustrating as i can swim for 3-4 km at 1:35 pace per 100m but cant seem to get back to a really quick 100 m time

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