33 thoughts on “Gorgc Explains Basics of Dota Auto Chess

  1. Hey Gorgc, did you make any auto chess builds on https://dota2chess.com/make-build ?? Would you pls make some and share them with us?

  2. this is the absolute worst "tutorial" i've ever tried to watch, I quit after 7 minutes. You explain crap. Nothing. You whined the whole video because you didn't have something. Just explain what you we're doing. sheesh.

  3. You started out explaining this great as someone who has never played and then you kinda went into some try hard mode and I learnt nothing. You skipped parts and your player level suddenly increased, you had pieces on the board. How many pieces can you initially place, when should you level, when should you roll for other hero's? What hero is the best to start with in early rounds? All of these questions did not get answered.

  4. Shouldn't you always check other players pre 10 gold and buy everything that synergises with them because you can always sell them?

  5. Chess is utter garbage: item drops are fucking too random, Knight strat is super broken on start as you have permanent invul, heroes in shop are super random just as well, so I barely manage to get my 1st 2* by wave 10 and by that time everyone else has full 3* lineups… this game mode is ridiculously stupid and unbalanced… I guess it’s supposed to be played by mindless retards who used to waste money on slots

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