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In this Dota gameplay breakdown, pro coach Speeed teams up with special pro player guest, CCNC, and attempts to GUESS THE RANK and MMR of GAMELEAP USERS based on funny ganks and comedic teamfight moments! Who’ll be the better judge of the plays to come?! Judge these gameplay highlights for yourself. Can YOU guess the rank of these players? Join in on the quiz and review these solo queue ranked moments yourself!
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source: https://dota-2.vn

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24 thoughts on “GUESS THE RANK – "This MUST be a SMURF?!" Coach Gameplay Review ft. CCNC | Dota 2 Quiz Guide

  1. Time for another episode of GUESS THE RANK – this time special guest, pro player CCNC, goes 1-on-1 versus coach Speeed!

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  2. I was the kunkka in that match. I was ancient 3 party mmr back in those days and had a really low solo mmr. the 2 combined and i dropped 800 mmr and played very little ranked becouse of it. now i am playiing in a bracket bellow my skill lvl and people are calling me out saying i am boosted. So i send you guys my clip and i am happy you guys reviewed it.

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