31 thoughts on “Halo: Combat Evolved Walkthrough | Pillar of Autumn | Part 1 (Xbox/PC)

  1. Oh man i remember this vividly, im 7 years old with my bro playing this for the first time, it blew our minds, so much nostalgia, happier and simpler times, pure joy.

  2. Anyone remember getting this at 8 years old and you would never let anyone touch the game or your console because of how freaking awesome this game was brings back memories 🤟😭

  3. why are you all complaining about the new graphics? Personally i think they're awesome (not as good as Halo 2 anniversary but still pretty good) look, i'm a hardcore halo fan myself, but i can also accept change, unlike you guys who can't accept changes to Halo

  4. I noticed that this is older and this is the one played and I saw before this video you were playing the remastered version

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