18 thoughts on “Has Anglo-American Capitalism Run Out of Steam?

  1. poverty destroys the middle-class if the middle-class disappears then democracy will not survive if democracy doesn't survive civilisation ass wee no eat will knit survive

  2. a succinct and accurate analysis of how we got here, and summary of the hole we are in, thanks. The only way out is to tell companies to stop insisting on such high profit levels and force them pay their workers more, in return for the large productivity gains they have already had. Then those workers might be able to buy some of the stuff they produce, without having to buy it on credit.

  3. In the end Thatcher got it incredibly wrong. Her lack of intelligence along with her lack of compassion has created the situation we find ourselves in today.

  4. More economic revisionist history.  Yay!
    Remind me, what were the average happiness of people in the 1970's vs 1980's?  Much happier in the 80's?  Strange.  What about polls of how happy people were with the economy in the 70's vs the 80's?  Landslide in favor of the 80's.  Regan actual got re-elected strictly by pointing to the work he did with the economy, and how happy people were with the turn around?  And that's AFTER interest rates went up to 20%?

    What about the 88 banking crisis vs the stagflation? You remember stagflation, the phenomenon which was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE under Keynesian theory.  The banking crisis was barely a blip on the radar compared to the impact and misery of the 1970's stagflation? 

    Regan was TIED with Kennedy for presidential approval ratings at 63%.  And only 3 points less than Clinton!  Yep the entire country sure hated how Regan handled the economy.  Way to fox news historical accounts TRN.

    So take lessons from the time when people were unhappier in general AND with the economy?  Brilliant.

  5. Seems like the UK and USA are destined for 3rd world status if their respective governments don't come up with a plan soon. …Or a revolution!

  6. Congratulations Lynn & Real News Team. This latest interview is officially a little gem…which grants it automatic entry into my favorite videos playlist, with all the other enlightening little gems… 

  7. Put so any fool can understand it. Well said prof.
    All that's needed now is to get the MSM whores to air it.
    (Don't hold yer breath.)

  8. Why consider any further strategies when the current panoply of tactics is doing so well? Damn the cultural torpedoes, full speed ahead with fiscal consolidation. & Let Us have no more of this talk of We: You are not to be involved. You may starve, and problem solved.

  9. The Reagan/Thatcher "revolution" was a REACTION, not a revolution.  It was about opposing the democracy movement of the last decade.  This is nothing new.  Sam Huntington pointed out that it happens about every 40 years in the US: 1890, 1930, 1970, 2010.  We're in the middle of one right now and the elite are panicking along with the right-wing just as expected.  The left will win this fight, as usual.  Hopefully this time we will KEEP WINNING!

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