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Valve are going BIG. In this Dota 2 update guide, pro coach Speeed breaksdown the pros, ramifications and possible exploits in the all new ROLE QUEUE system and thew new MMR system, which blends Solo Queue MMR and Party or Group MMR into a single stat! This HUGE update will impact Dota for a long time to come, so though this guide lacks the tips and tricks Speeed usually shares, its contents remain as crucial as ever! So, here’s to Role Queue explained!
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23 thoughts on “How ROLE QUEUE Changes EVERYTHING: HUGE Changes to Solo Queue and Party MMR | Dota 2 Update Guide

  1. In this video, Speeed explains all and shares his thoughts on the latest AMALGAM of changes to the queuing and MMR systems!
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  2. I checked support and offlane but what if my teammates picked it up first and I'm forced to play carry. What if we win does my mmr still rise up or stay stagnant?

  3. Can anyone tell me something about smurfing these days and max mmr after this new system? Please 😫🙏🙏💓 any new smurfers?

  4. We need 5 reports twice per week
    Because we cant stop having
    Bullshit teammates that
    Doesnt want to win
    We understand ‘noob players’
    But teammates who doesnt want to win are the worst people in DOTA
    They only want to Show off:

    Beyond Godlike
    Mega kills ultra kills etc.
    Picking non meta heroes with
    Stupid builds and picking carry
    In a support role
    Im so fucking angry I have Positive
    Behavior score those guys made
    Me negative

  5. I agree man. Solo queue is a pissing contest!!
    After watching TI9 I just realized that Dota 2 is not about who gets the most farm, it's all about "team play" which is non existent in Solo.
    Im super enlightened after TI9, watching the teams unfold strategy after strategies.
    I know i am not a good core player so solo is impossible to me.
    Support is where i shine. I can read and time things.
    Happy that they stop restricting Dota 2!!!

  6. I dont think it'll hurt the game but rather help it.
    Imagine all the newcomers and people who has a friend like me.
    We used to play often like every single day but once he got to Ancient 4 and i'm at Legend 4.
    We stopped playing because we dont gain anything anymore off Party MMR.

    So happy now that we can finally play again without a care.
    Strick solo should be on the rank selection menu though.

    I'm not as good as him but we both gets the most fun playing together along with his office mate.

  7. wtf happen to my mmr. my party is 4k and my solo is 2.5k yes im noob in solo since i only pick lion and always play with my friends. now im fucking 2.9 mmr wtf im Ancient 5 but mmr 2.9k how that possible

  8. Worst ranking system ever! Nobody sticks to their roles, It takes 20+ minutes to find a match if you want to play carry, and when you finally find one, people won't stick to their support roles! Good job valve!

  9. SEA SERVER be like :
    1: picks Lion > me mid, tango 2, ward 1
    2: Come gank you f*cking noob!
    3: Stop feeding la cb!
    4: loud non-English noises
    5: reports the soft-support who lets you get last hits, sacrifices self farming for constant wards/sentries/smoke JUST cause you died the most

    What else you guys can think of? xD

  10. Boosting one high mmr player with low mmr acc… in the blogpost it was written that smurf will be boosted faster to their real mmr… if ur mvp all the time.. do shit ton of rampages etc… ur clearly a smurf (mostly) 😀

  11. Dota doesn't need Guilds…
    Dota needs automated Tourney system like Bloodline Champions had…
    Where you can queue with your team into 8-16 team mini-tournaments and earn "tournament mmr"

    just like battlecup, but not the shitty one we have now, when you have it at fixed day and fixed time every weekend…

    The tourney system could be Tier-locked(well just like Battlecup right…)

    Tournament winnings earn you Dotaplus-like points.. wich you can use to buy niche skins only earned thru these tournaments, wich would make them more prestige you know.

  12. Hope valve fix the core and support mmr. I enjoyed playing as pos 4 and 3,but when the updates came i got to choose what pos i want to play because core and support mmr was not the same anymore and you gotta stick to 1 role to raise ur mmr either as a core or a support.

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