30 thoughts on “How to farm like EG.Arteezy WITHOUT jungling | Juggernaut Guide

  1. I've really enjoyed your recent videos Bowie. I know they don't make you any money, but I think they will build a name for you because no one else is making videos of this quality and style. It's also good that you are an rtz fanboy. He is the true patrician's choice.

  2. So basically, rtz pushes when he has vision of heroes that are capable of catching him before spin + tp, he cuts the waves, takes Troll's farm and takes the creep from top whenever it wasn't pushed. When none of this was available, he jungles.

  3. I don't understand why you put WITHOUT jungling like this in caps when in the clips shown he does jungle quite often. Jungle is part of the game and when combined with efficiency and good time management it can become the difference that makes your team win.

  4. Hey dbowie, amazing stuff man..ur videos have been super helpful..since it's a juggernaut week and jugg being my most played as well as fav hero..may I please request you to make a exclusive video on juggernaut builds specifically on when to go magic and when to go physical !
    Uv made a similar one on SF too in the past !

    Also if u can go on specifics on the metas of jug it wud be amazing !!!

  5. U should have notice that troll ping 'juggernaut' missing and radiant cant really start a fight cause they scared of jug

  6. i feel happy that i know all of this even tho im legend but my teammates dont know XD everyone is jungling or if we are fighting somewehre not pressuring other lanes sadly

  7. I didn't understand what was new. You have explained stuff like this in your previous videos. He does jungle when he cant push or fight. This is common for many heroes.

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