(Make sure you watch the entire video on how to do it before you comment, because if it’s a problem that can be fixed VIA the video I’ll just reply with “It’s in the video, watch it”)

Product key: PYXMD-WDT9G-4378Y-72KXT-FTFYQ

Download links:

Halo 1.0.10 update:

If anyone’s curious how to get Halo Custom Edition (The version of Halo that you can mod and such if your interested into that type of stuff)
Here’s a link:

Nguồn: https://dota-2.vn/

Xem thêm bài viết: https://dota-2.vn/category/giai-tri

36 thoughts on “How to get Halo Combat Evolved for free (WORKING 9/3/2018)

  1. It doesn't run when i start the game it says a problem occurred initializing Direct3D, please run DXDIAG.
    Please help me how to install

  2. I can't get to the site where I could download the Halo 1.0.10 update, it's just white screen or something. Is it really needed? Can I play without it?

  3. i got a file system errorr saying "The program can't start because vorbisfile.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." what do i do?

  4. Hey, I'm getting this error "A problem occurred initializing Direct3D. Hardware acceleration maybe disabled, please run DXDIAG."
    It's not even proper grammar but whatever. Can I get some help 4 years later?

  5. I know this video is old, but if anyone can help, that'd be awesome!

    The game worked perfectly fine, I have no major issues with it so far. The only problem (not major) is that I can only play in window mode. Is there any way for me to play in full screen? I already tried typing "-window -noborder -w 1920 -h 1080" into the target area. But it didn't work. Can anyone help?

  6. Dude I swear if this is a virus im gonna be pissed. Will update later.

    Holy crap this actually worked, Thank you so much!!!

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