How To Install Halo: Custom Edition (PC) On Windows 10 In 2018 and 2019 For Free! The Servers Are Still Up With Plenty Of People Still Playing On Them.

SIDE NOTE: There has been a bit of confusion recently between Custom Edition and Combat Evolved. Combat Evolved is the base Halo game with campaign and multiplayer. Custom Edition is multiplayer only but you have the ability to play custom maps and gamemodes. So This does not include campaign!

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37 thoughts on “How To Install Halo: Custom Edition On Windows 10 – 2019

  1. I got a pop up that says

    A problem occurred instalazing Direct 3D, Hardware acceleration maybe disable, please run DXDIAG…..

  2. I was thinking maybe this was a virus but it is not, its awesome thank's dude. this was also a very easy to follow tutorial.

  3. I was good until I went to play the game. When I try to launch the game the game opens and plays the Bungie loading screen. But then the game just closes back to my desktop screen. Also I can play the game in safe mode but that really isn't much. Since when i try to play it in normal mode it does not work.

  4. Just played a CTF match on a server that had random portals that would warp you all over the map, everyone had infinite ammo and spawned with rocket launchers and sniper rifles. I fucking love that people still play this game, thanks for the video.

  5. So many pirates asking for singleplayer in a multiplayer expansion game 😐
    – I am not interested in your individualistic definition of what a pirate is or how you think you aren't one just because of your silly philosophy😏, I am here to mock people looking up instructions on installing the wrong game

  6. Everything when fine until I launched the game and it gives me a black screen and says "error". Im sad -_-. Pls help me

  7. When I launch halo combat evolved it just goes black, gives me the bungie logo, says opensauce at the bottom of the screen and closes without an error log

  8. I just got Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 on my phone.
    Totally going to try to add this one 😀

    I get "can not load PidGen.dll" after inputting the code.
    🤔 any idea anyone?

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