This video shows the easy / cheap way to unlock an LG TV that has its HOTEL LOCK MODE turned ON.
$10 dollar option! Use the LST-4100A box:
1) Hold MENU on the remote until TV channel box shows upper right
2) press 2663 ENTER
3) turn the D-BOX to off
Now remove the box and use the TV like normal 🙂

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34 thoughts on “HOW TO – LG TV Hotel Mode Unlock (32lx4dc) without service remote

  1. Just wanna say thank you very very very much. i have one of these tvs and havent been able to master reset it so i can use the tv without the box in almost a year until just today as i followed your troubleshooting video.

    I mean i watched many videos and nothing. I even called LG to see if they could help and nothing.

    I am now using this tv as my childrens' dvd/gaming tv so they can watch their movies and play their video games.

    You are a blessing thank you again.

  2. So I got the menu w/d-box to show up, but when i tried to toggle it off, the entire TV froze (remote, on panel buttons, everything). I had to unplug to get it off. When it turned back on, everything is locked out (power button, on display buttons, remote). I can't get the menu backup now…

  3. I want to thank you sincerely for this vid. When I saw it nearly 1.5 yrs ago, after purchasing 2 TVs from a hotel resale shop, I thought it didn't apply since they didn't come with the D box–some hotels have a data line straight into the tuner card's data port, so why would one think THIS process applies, right? Been using the TVs still but have to change the input on power up every time and couldn't change sound. And NONE of the other options allowed me to get to the Installer menu mentioned in so many other sites. Something said give it another go…D-Box setting was indeed on, turned off and problem solved.

  4. Got it to work but only works with a cable box . Or through Hdmi to stream internet. But the antenna potion of the tv dose not work

  5. Hi I have a hotel tv and I can’t get antenna mode to work do you know how? Hdmi works fine that’s the only way I can use it

  6. I have a 42LD650H that is stuck in the hospitality programming… do you have a way of resetting it to where I can scan my channels in?

  7. How would I get a Samsung hotel tv switched from cable to antenna? I bought 2 intending to use them on an outside antenna, but it won't let me do that.

  8. Second time using your video. Worked both times. I had a hard time finding it the second time, but then I remembered to include the tv model number in my search. Thanks a lot!💯

  9. When I press and hold the menu button if I have the menu already up it will disappear in a few seconds and show the channel. However, when I enter the code I'm not getting that menu. I have the exact same box and TV remote.

  10. Please help me out! I got a tv from a hotel and I just used your steps and now the buttons work on the t.v. but it says that aux ports aren't available… idk what to do

  11. Thank you sooo much your video was great and very useful after countless dead end attempts with other videos…I can finally watch my tv

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